Confetti's #HappyBonuses is returned to you for each order in the amount of 10% or 20%, depending on the face value of the card. Pay with bonuses up to 50% of the bill, even for lunch and breakfast. Your bonus card = your phone number. Register instantly in your account.

A new card #HappyBonuses you can be obtained when ordering from 250 UAH with a return of 100 bonuses to your account, or by buying a card for 4.99 UAH with a return of 10 bonuses to your account.













Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new long-term bonus program from the Confetti restaurant chain. Participation in the program gives you the opportunity to:
  • Receive 10% or 20% of the bonuses, depending on the card face value ”for each visit, except for special offers – they will receive 5% of bonuses;
  • Pay bonuses of up to 50% of your bill, even for lunch and breakfast;
  • Celebrate your Birthday and Birthday with 25% off family members;
  • Get great deals and benefits.


The program is open indefinitely and may be terminated by the Confetti chain of restaurants. In this case, the participants will be notified 2 (two) months before its completion. Program termination notices will be posted on the program site or participants will be notified by any other means established by Confetti.
Throughout the Confetti restaurant chain:
  • pr. Heroes, 1m, (067) 586-20-36
  • pr. O.Polya, 104 A, (067) 561-33-73
  • pr. Gagarina, 24, (067) 522-60-84
  • st. 2, (067) 914-74-02
  • pr. 41, (067) 622-74-07
  • st. Pisarzhevsky, 12, (067) 560-51-68
There are two types of cards – virtual and plastic.
  • A virtual card is when a guest does not want to receive a plastic card and can use bonuses with their mobile phone number. This type of card is automatically assigned a mobile number at the time of registration.
  • A plastic card is a regular plastic card that is issued at the request of the guest. The holder of the plastic card is also able to use bonuses only by mobile number.
Confirmation of participation in “#HappyBonuses” is not a card, but only the mobile number specified at registration. Only one card can be issued per phone number.
  • Confetti Discount card holders receive a 10% bonus card by exchange
  • it is possible to buy a 10% card for 4.99 UAH. In this case, the guest will be credited with 10 bonuses for the next visit.
  • for a check of 250 UAH. in this case, 100 guest bonuses will be credited to the next visit
The “HappyBonuses” card has an unlimited duration. “HappyBonuses” card can be terminated at the request of the participant in case of termination of participation in the program or in case of breakage / loss and replacement of another card.
To be able to write off accumulated bonuses the card must be activated. This can be done in a convenient way for you:
  • fill out a paper form and submit it to the restaurant administrator;
  • register online at ;
A personal account is a special section of the site, accessible only by registering in it. In your personal account you can get personal offers and information about the status of your bonus account, see the history of purchases, register yourself in the loyalty program.
Yes, you can change your profile information beyond the date of birth. There are three ways to do this:
  • on your personal account site;
  • completing a restaurant questionnaire;
  • Change your date of birth by sending an e-mail, attaching the relevant documents
Yes, all data is protected in accordance with the
Depending on the registration method you choose, the card will be activated as follows:
  • within 2 (two) weeks if you have registered by filling out a paper form;
  • instantly if you are logged in;
You can find out about activating the card by asking the restaurateur or in your personal office.
The card is a personal means of identifying the buyer. Passing the card to a third party is the responsibility of the participant. When transferring the card for use to other persons, the operator is not responsible for the damage caused to the client. When activating the card, the participant expresses its unambiguous agreement with the rules of the submarine and participation in it. It is not possible to write off bonuses without a secret code, which is the last 4 digits of the auto call number that is received on the mobile, to which the card is registered.
Bonuses are a reward for making purchases at Confetti restaurants. This is 10% or 20%, depending on the card value, of the value of your purchase.


  • Every time you visit Confetti restaurants, call your mobile or plastic card when calculating.
  • 1 (one) bonus = 1 UAH. (one hryvnia). Bonuses are calculated as a percentage of the amount of the check paid in cash (less discounts, bonuses written off, etc.).
  • Bonuses are NOT credited or credited with a 25% birthday discount.

Participate in #HappyBonuses.

  • Confetti shares information is sent via SMS to the participant’s mobile number
  • You can also find information about promotions at
  • when in check or by asking the waiter
  • in your personal account at
  • Calling a toll-free number +38 089 123 10 10
In order to pay bonuses for your purchases at Confetti restaurants, you must say that you want to debit the waiter’s bonuses prior to receiving the payment, provide a plastic card if available and give your mobile number. Your mobile phone will make an auto call, the last 4 digits of the number are the code that must be called the waiter for writing off bonuses. It is not possible to write off without a code
  • Bonuses cannot be calculated using a 25% birthday discount.
  • Bonuses can be paid up to 50% of your account
  • Bonuses are valid for 60 days from the moment of accrual and will be canceled if you do not make purchases during this period
  • To extend the validity period of your bonuses, you must purchase at least once every 2 months
  • 7 days before the bonus bonus date the participant will receive an SMS notification
  • The validity of bonuses received for participating in the promotion may be different and set by the operator depending on the conditions of the promotion

If you have questions about incorrectly accruing or debiting bonuses from your card, you must make sure that you have a check for the payment in which the transaction was made. In the absence of a check, no claims are accepted.

When returning a product that is partially paid in cash and partly by providing a discount in the form of a decrease in the value of the goods for accumulating bonuses, part of the purchase amount is returned to the participant in cash, and the rest in the form of bonuses is returned to the bonus account.
  • Only one card can be registered to one phone number
  • Cards do not match
  •   It is not possible to transfer bonuses from one card to another
No. In order to receive a #HappyBonuses card, a person must personally fill out a buyer questionnaire and confirm his / her consent to participate in the #Concepts Loyalty Program with his / her signature.
Your card may be blocked for reasons related to automatic system blocking due to exceeding the allowed number of purchases – 10 per day, 100 per month. You must unlock the card by contacting a restaurant employee.
If you have lost / damaged your plastic card, contact a restaurant employee and get a new plastic card. The old card will be automatically blocked and your purchase history and bonus balance will be transferred to the new one.
You can unsubscribe from the SMS and E-mail messages of the # Bonus Frequency program by indicating in the personal cabinet the rejection of the messages.

Official rules of the bonus system

Every time you buy from Confetti, you get 10% or 20% of the purchase amount, depending on the value of the bonus card, and even 5% on special offers (Business Lunch, Breakfasts, etc.). Purchases are returned to you in the form of bonuses on the "#HappyBonuses" card. 1 bonus - 1 UAH!

You can redeem bonuses the next day after making your purchase at any of Confetti's restaurants and pay bonuses of up to 50% of the bill, provided the card is activated by means of a mobile phone number verification via CallID.

You can make your bonuses infinite. It is enough to visit any of the Sonfetti restaurants 1 every 2 months, at least for coffee, otherwise, according to the conditions of the loyalty program, bonuses will burn. Bonuses are valid for 2 months from the moment of their accrual. Extensions can be extended by visiting Confetti at least once every 2 months.

By participating in the #HappyBonuses loyalty program, you have the opportunity to receive additional bonuses during promotions, great deals and privileges.

#HappyBonuses card is valid at all Confetti restaurants, regardless of where you purchased it.

Discount card holders automatically participate in the bonus program by exchanging cards. Holders of 0%, 5%, 10% discount cards receive a 10% bonus card, holders of 15% and 20% receive a 20% bonus card. You can exchange cards at any of the Confetti restaurants, including March 31, 2019. Without exchange, the discount card will be blocked.

By exchanging a discount card for a bonus, everyone receives a discount on today's order and bonuses for the next. The exchange is only valid until March 31, 2019

You can register for the loyalty program by making a purchase for 250 UAH, or by purchasing the card #HappyBonuses for 4.99 UAH and instant compensation in the form of 10 bonuses to the bonus account, which you can use the next day.

The accumulation of bonuses is carried out already at the first purchase, cancellation of bonuses is possible the next day, provided the card is activated with a mobile phone. Only one # Happiness Bonus card can be registered per mobile phone. It is possible to write off and accumulate bonuses in one check. Bonuses are accumulated by the amount of the check paid by money (minus the amount of bonuses and other discounts written off).

After activating the card you will be able to keep track of the number of your bonuses in the check after each purchase, in your personal account at and by asking the waiter.

You can immediately register for the # # Happiness Bonus loyalty program at any of Confetti's restaurants by contacting the waiter or in your personal office at It is also possible to fill out a paper form and receive a registration within 2 weeks.

You can find out more about Confetti's #HappyBonuses loyalty program at, or from promotional materials at a restaurant.